AdminisTEP Launches Digital Mailroom Services for Claim Conversion

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PLANO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--August 12, 2008--AdminisTEP today announced the availability of its Digital Mailroom services, which help health insurance organizations cost-effectively manage the receipt of paper-based medical claims and convert them into electronic formats for more efficient processing. In addition, the Digital Mailroom service also handles statement mailing following claim processing. This service complements AdminisTEP’s claims management capabilities to offer payors an end-to-end solution – from the generation and transmission of claims, all the way through the auto-adjudication and payment processes.

“Even with the industry’s increased computerization, health insurance companies are still buried under mountains of paper-based claims that require significant labor to sort, review and process. The result is claims backlogs and decreased visibility into claims inventories that can jeopardize an insurer’s cash flow and profitability,” said Daren Donnelson, CEO of Legacy, AdminisTEP’s parent company. “AdminisTEP’s Digital Mailroom services are more than just an outsourced labor solution because we convert paper-based claims into digital formats and verify them for accuracy. Insurers then use AdminisTEP to manage the claims, apply business rules, and increase efficiency – all in real time.”

AdminisTEP is a transaction exchange portal (TEP) that manages claims-related processes and streamlines operations with a robust set of tools that enable organizations to instantly know the status of transactions. AdminisTEP bridges the gap between providers, payors and other organizations by directly connecting them with each other for transaction exchanges.

AdminisTEP’s Digital Mailroom services employ a modular approach so payors can outsource selected processes or the entire workflow. For example, in a full-service solution, a payor can have all paper-based claims sent to AdminisTEP for handling, where they are sorted, scanned, verified, converted into digital formats, uploaded to AdminisTEP, and sent to the claims processing system for auto adjudication. In another scenario, a payor may choose to send scanned claims to AdminisTEP for verification and conversion. In either scenario, AdminisTEP’s Digital Mailroom services can be used for the mailing of statements following claim processing, greatly reducing the resources that payors need to accommodate paper-based processes.

“The real benefit of combining our Digital Mailroom service with AdminisTEP is that it gives payors greater control over the handing of errors. It’s what we call Exception Management. When there is an incomplete or illegible claim, or when a claim contains an error, it is automatically routed to the appropriate person to resolve the issue in the most cost-effective manner,” Donnelson said. “This claims triaging resolves errors quickly so clean claims are sent for processing, which reduces the demands placed on the claim adjudication system.”

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Real-time reporting capabilities within AdminisTEP allow payors to easily view every step in the process, from the number of claims submitted to the number of errors. The real-time visibility helps payors track that they are in compliance with Medicare regulations regarding the timely processing of claims. In addition, the digital format of the claims enables payors to easily create electronic archives of the data. The efficiencies gained through the Digital Mailroom service free valuable and expensive staffing resources that can be redeployed to work on more strategic efforts.

AdminisTEP is a solution offered by Legacy Consulting Services. For more information, visit or call 1-888-751-3271.


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