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Daily Featured Articles - 7/27/2014

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Class Action Firms Don’t Exactly Feast On Insurance

by Linda Koco

A look at statistics showing how the insurance industry fared in consumer class action settlements.

INN Exclusives

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law a bill requiring new disclosure language for immediate annuities commonly sold to seniors, language that is already required in the sale of deferred annuities...
Barclays Capital Inc. and Barclays PLC is seeking dismissal of a lawsuit by the New York attorney general, alleging that the British bank had deceived customers in its “dark pool,” which is essentially a private securities exchange...
Social Security changes you need to know now.

Hot Off The Wires

Employers across a wide spectrum of sizes and industries are exploring private exchanges, where workers shop for their own health plans and can select one that fits their medical needs and their household budget...
By the time Mark Horner signed up for insurance on in March, the furor over the site's botched rollout had largely been replaced with news that millions of people were flooding the site to enroll...
Three people have been arrested for their role in a fire at a Chatsworth,Ga., home as part of an insurance scam to collect money, officials said...
Two weeks after the Social Security Administration received a report criticizing management for a dysfunctional, $300 million computer system, agency officials provided only a cursory summary of the findings at a meeting of a committee overseeing the project...
Tough rules imposed by Florida's insurer of last resort are slamming thousands but customers see hardball tactics for them and a relaxed attitude for globetrotting brass at state-run Citizens Property Insurance...
Idaho health care officials were exasperated, all because of some missing information and a looming deadline...
Even as beleaguered Bay Staters struggle to get health insurance through the state's failed Obamacare website, Massachusetts Health Connector brass have been promoting their top managers and handing them hefty taxpayer-funded raises ranging from $10,000 to $22,000...
More than 300,000 Americans are taking advantage of a little-known provision in the nation's health care law that allows them to avoid the new penalties for not having health insurance...
Men (46 percent) are more likely to have had their smartphone or tablet lost, stolen or damaged beyond use compared to women (37 percent)...
The U.N.'s annual Human Development Report shows that the world's 85 richest people are wealthier than the poorest 3.5 billion...
Do your IULs have options like these?

Insiders Only Articles

There are no underwriting differences in determining premiums for same-sex couples compared with heterosexual couples, said Maggie Mitchell, a sales executive with Voya Financial...
Kansas City Life announced the sale of its independent broker/dealer Sunset Financial Services to Securities America...

Insurance Newswires - 7/27/2014

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