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How to make Big money with your own book.
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Wednesday 01/02/2013

The use of highly scaled, shared, and automated IT platforms — known as cloud computing — is growing rapidly.As attractive as cloud environments can be, they also come with new types of risks... More

Thursday 09/27/2012

Seattle, WA September 26, 2012. In May, Accretive Health, a business partner managing revenue cycle operations for two healthcare facilities in Minnesota, was implicated for a breach of patient health information. They settled the suit, Case 0:12- cv-00145-RHK-JJK, in the District Court of Minnesota for $2.5 million.


Global professional services company Towers Watson has expanded their alliance with Microsoft Corp. to adapt some of its software applications for the Windows Azure platform. As part of the expanded relationship, Towers Watson has been working closely with Microsoft's technology centres to develop new processes for its risk-based modelling...

Saturday 09/22/2012

In a flier drafted for the project, the government asks: “Have you recently experienced a medical mistake? Do you have concerns about the safety of your health care?”... More

Tuesday 08/21/2012

A new report assesses early health insurer use of consumer technologies as payers seek to educate members on wellness and disease management programs. “As the industry shifts from a fee-for-service to outcomes-based reimbursement models, insurers are implementing several strategies to survive in this new world order,” says John Moore, managing partner at... More


VivaKi agency clients seeking seamless campaign monitoring and near real-time advertising effectiveness have a new solution in Kognitio Cloud, an innovative analytical platform that has been integrated into the VivaKi Nerve Center's data hub. The decision to employ Kognitio Cloud software to increase overall efficiency via a faster and more robust...

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