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Property & Casualty Top Picks
Wednesday 07/30/2014

With more and more mo-peds hitting the streets, police are having a hard time enforcing new restrictions encompassed in the new scooter law...


According to the newly released RIMS Benchmark Survey, the average Total Cost of Risk trended higher for the third year in a row...

Tuesday 07/29/2014

When the storm surge from superstorm Sandy shoved the Kettle Creek into Doug Quinn's home, he waded through waist-deep water to escape in the middle of the night. Ask him today and he'll tell you that was the easy part...

For Clients with Prostate Cancer

Average annual home insurance premiums in Mississippi increased 15.5 percent during the second quarter of 2014 -– the largest hike of any of the 25 states that experienced increases, according to a report...


The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America is offering recovery information for homeowners, renters and business owners affected the tornado that touched down in Revere, Mass...

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For Clients with Prostate Cancer
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For Clients with Prostate Cancer
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