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Monday 07/21/2014

While standing at the end of your boat dock, you see a person struggling in the water. Do you recognize that the person is drowning, or is something else going on? And what should you do?..


Drivers working for transportation network companies (TNCs), such as Lyft and Uber, typically do so under their own personal insurance policies. Most of those don't cover commercial activities, however, leaving the TNCs' "excess" contingent liability coverage to cover the gap...


Since the May 11 storm hit Portage with high winds and large amounts of hail, the city's building department has issued 840 permits for new roofs and licensed 70 additional roofing contractors...


Years after it happened, UND psychology professor John-Paul Legerski said he still remembered the trauma of the break-in that happened when he was a teenager...


When parents help teenagers shop for a used car, they should focus heavily on safety, worry less about style and avoid the lure of high horsepower, Connecticut's top motor vehicles official says...

Sunday 07/20/2014

Nationwide received more bad news in court... More

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