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Friday 04/17/2015

“Bionic advice” refers to human advisors who use electronic advice software as an integral part of their practice but who still interact with the client...

Thursday 04/16/2015

"The industry is in a position of strength as firms grow in value and more advisors and acquirers continue to be drawn to the independent model,” according to an industry observer...

Tuesday 04/14/2015

More small employers are evaluating self-funding or converting fully insured plans into self-funded programs as a way to take more control over health insurance costs...


The rainbow of options within the annuity universe is a relatively recent phenomenon...

BRAMCO & Prudential: An Alliance For Life
Monday 04/13/2015

Despite the slowing growth, the latest data reinforced the upward trend of “positive results year after year” in voluntary/worksite sales...

Friday 04/10/2015

Not only are business owners good candidates for individual disability income insurance, but they are also prospects for business overhead expense coverage, buy-sell insurance, key man insurance and multilife coverage...

Thursday 04/09/2015
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BRAMCO & Prudential: An Alliance For Life
Monday 03/30/2015