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Tuesday 03/31/2015

Despite the uptick in personal saving rates, many households continue to be hard pressed to put away money...


A survey on retirement readiness shows that those who own annuities, as well as life and long-term care insurance, are the most prepared for the post-employment life...

Monday 03/30/2015

Insurance carriers can enhance risk-adjusted returns by diversifying portfolios into nontraditional and alternative asset classes, according to Conning research...

Friday 03/27/2015

Fiduciary standards may sound good in principle, but in the end, “you can’t regulate morality,” one financial advisor said...

Huge potential for indexed annuities.
Wednesday 03/25/2015

The Internal Revenue Service has issued an alert saying it has received reports from around the country of tax preparers instructing their clients who may owe a penalty to make the payments directly to the preparer...


Despite making a name for himself as an opponent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said he's signing up for health insurance under the act...

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Huge potential for indexed annuities.
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