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Friday 01/30/2015

Financial advisors who keep track of the proliferation of living benefits riders tacked onto life insurance policies may have asked themselves why so many insurance carriers recently are trumpeting the benefit of a lump sum payment...

Thursday 01/29/2015

Issuers of variable annuities(VAs) are being forced to revisit the types of money market mutual funds they offer within their VAs...

Wednesday 01/28/2015

First Investors Life’s introduction of a flexible pay deferred income annuity (DIA) represents a vote of confidence for a sliver of the annuity market, as life insurers look to attract younger buyers to a sizzling product category...

Monday 01/26/2015

Although insurance has the smallest slice of the $14 trillion AUM pie over five years, that piece is growing at a strong rate...

Social Security Closing Secrets of $10M Producers.

Only one in six Americans spent more than expected this holiday season, according to a new report. Overall, one in four Americans spent less than expected this holiday season...

Thursday 01/22/2015

With carriers raising deductibles, copayments and coinsurance, and restricting access by offering lower prices for doctors in certain networks, consumers in individual and group markets are asking: What’s the point of buying primary insurance?...

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Social Security Closing Secrets of $10M Producers.