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Most Guaranteed Lifetime Income Benefits are fully guaranteed, others not so much; does your client understand what they have?


The Iowa Insurance Division wants to combat advertising trends that seem to give consumers a false impression of annuities...


An annuity agency executive was reviewing the average age of his firm’s fixed annuity buyers when he noticed a shift. There was a bump-up in buyers who were under age 50 when they bought their policies...

For Clients with Prostate Cancer

Part 1 was a technical primer on GLIB. In Part 2, we discuss explaining and positioning them to the client.


A majority of the five-member Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) appears in favor of developing uniform fiduciary standards for stockbrokers that are in line with rules governing registered investment advisors...

For Clients with Prostate Cancer
As of July 1st, 2014: a new strategy to avoid RMDs