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Wednesday 12/17/2014

The insurance company practice of reinsuring liabilities through their own captive companies has come under withering fire by some regulators...


Congress adjourned for the year without acting on terrorism insurance, leaving projects that depend on commercial insurance in limbo...

Tuesday 12/16/2014

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah,says he will push his pro-annuity SAFE Act when he is Finance chair...

Monday 12/15/2014

Clifford Jack is stepping down as executive vice president and head of retail at top-selling variable annuity carrier Jackson National. He is leaving to pursue other opportunities, according to a statement from the company...

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New York's Department of Financial Services calls for an end to allowing insurance companies to create captives...

Friday 12/12/2014

The reason carriers are not selling enough life insurance is that they have taken some of the business of selling it away from agents and have been going directly to the consumer...

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