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Thursday 08/21/2014

––Commissioners authorized paying $58,000 to Westerman, Inc./ Palmer Manufacturing and Tank from the job creation incentive fund. A year ago, when Westerman purchased Palmer and indicated it would be expanding, the county and Finney County Economic Development Corp. approved an agreement to create Westerman/ Palmer $1,000 per new job created.


Medivo, Inc., a leader in lab data and healthcare analytics, has appointed clinical lab industry leader David W. Bryant to its Advisory Board, which represents a panel of recognized leaders in the life science and health information technology sectors who provide strategic guidance to the company. Mr. Bryant is the former chief executive officer of Sonic...


--SPX Corporation today announced that its Board of Directors has elected Robert F. Hull, Jr. as an additional member of the company's Board of Directors. Mr. Hull also currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. SPX's Board of Directors now consists of eight members with Chris Kearney serving as Chairman and seven...


Aug. 21-- This gravy train is about to end. Public transportation rarely pays for itself, and that's true in spades for the commuter train that runs between Belen and Santa Fe. But that's about to change, thanks to state Risk Management director A.J. Forte who discovered the discrepancy.

Social Security changes you need to know now.

Published by New York City- based Page Publishing, John De Woolf Sr's new work is an invitation to join this good-natured toughie and enjoy the story he has to tell, because nothing is as satisfying as being able to survive it all and write a book about it. For additional information or media inquiries, contact Page Publishing at 866-315-2708..


The CPCU Society has launched a social media campaign, "The Magical Ways We Transform Lives," allowing its members to share how their local chapters give back and make a difference in their communities. This ceremony will kick off the 2014 CPCU Society Annual Meeting, which will take place September 20 to 23 in Anaheim, Calif.. ###About the CPCU Society The CPCU Society...

Social Security changes you need to know now.
Social Security changes you need to know now.
Wednesday 08/20/2014