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How to make Big money with your own book.
How to make Big money with your own book.
How to make Big money with your own book.
Estate Planning Failures of the Rich and Famous V
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Monday 04/14/2014

Many advisors appear to lack foresight about how to capture a new generation of younger investors, according to a study...

Friday 04/11/2014

How analytics gives carriers and advisors "eyes in the back of their heads"...

Wednesday 04/09/2014

Douglas Dubitsky, vice president of product management for Guardian Retirement Solutions, calls longevity – outliving assets in retirement – one of the greatest risks facing the U.S. today...

Tuesday 04/08/2014

Several big corporations have reaped millions of dollars from "Obamacare" even as they support GOP candidates who vow to repeal the law...

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Monday 04/07/2014

Despite recent record sales numbers for fixed and variable annuities, there remains a lot of confusion about what annuities are, what they do and why people need them...


Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Mary Jo White says her agency's role is to educate investors, enforce laws designed to protect investors, and come up with new rules governing financial advisor duties and behavior...

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