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Tuesday 03/03/2015

The announcement that Kimberly-Clark had reduced by $2.5 billion its pension fund liabilities through a transaction with Prudential and MassMutual is unusual although not unheard of in the pension transfer world, according to a pension expert...

Monday 03/02/2015

Court documents shed light on how companies circumvent the law to extract massive profits through high fees and interest charges from stranger-owned life insurance-related transactions...


Advisors used indexed universal life primarily as a way to supplement retirement income. More recently, advisors have used the policies as a way to control volatility in retirement portfolios, according to an industry expert...

Friday 02/27/2015

Robert Benmosche took the reins of AIG in August 2009, after an emergency takeover by the federal government...

Have you stopped believing in seminars?
Thursday 02/26/2015

If you don't think the fiduciary rule is a backdoor attack on annuities, just wait!


More than one-fifth of companies that sponsor a defined benefit (DB) retirement plan say they are considering buying annuities to fund a portion of their obligations to the plan participants...

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Have you stopped believing in seminars?
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