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Monday 01/26/2015

Although insurance has the smallest slice of the $14 trillion AUM pie over five years, that piece is growing at a strong rate...


Only one in six Americans spent more than expected this holiday season, according to a new report. Overall, one in four Americans spent less than expected this holiday season...

Thursday 01/22/2015

With carriers raising deductibles, copayments and coinsurance, and restricting access by offering lower prices for doctors in certain networks, consumers in individual and group markets are asking: What’s the point of buying primary insurance?...

Wednesday 01/21/2015

Steve Miller said he believes MetLife is systemically important, but cautioned that he hopes federal regulators treat insurance companies different from banks. “Otherwise you are at risk of destroying the insurance industry,” he said...

Social Security Closing Secrets of $10M Producers.
Tuesday 01/20/2015

The Department of Labor has already prepared a document to defend the new standard against an inevitable challenge...


The National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) announces the retirement of Kim O'Brien, President and CEO, from the organization effective Friday, Jan. 16...

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Social Security Closing Secrets of $10M Producers.