What makes someone buy an annuity?
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Most Guaranteed Lifetime Income Benefits are fully guaranteed, others not so much; does your client understand what they have?


Although they like the features available in annuities, a lot of folks are clueless about annuities themselves...


Research indicates that most carriers rated as "successful" received 80 percent of their premium from annuities...


During the second quarter, annuity advisors and sales desks made over 261,000 hits to an online database of income annuity products, according to a new report. That’s up by nearly 9 percent from first quarter’s nearly 240,000 hits...

Social Security changes you need to know now.

When financial planner Michelle Ford answered the phone one day, she heard the voice of a worried older gentleman. “Is there anything I should be worried about?” he asked Ford nervously about allocations in his fixed index annuity (FIA)...


A California judge dismissed against a former insurance agent who spent more than four months in jail awaiting trial in a case that some said could lead to criminalizing surrender charges...

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