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Wednesday 04/16/2014

Last year, banks did well selling fixed annuities. Income earned from the sale of annuities at bank holding companies reached a record $3.43 billion, up 9 percent from 2012...

Monday 04/14/2014

Many advisors appear to lack foresight about how to capture a new generation of younger investors, according to a study...

Friday 04/11/2014

How analytics gives carriers and advisors "eyes in the back of their heads"...

Wednesday 04/09/2014

Douglas Dubitsky, vice president of product management for Guardian Retirement Solutions, calls longevity – outliving assets in retirement – one of the greatest risks facing the U.S. today...

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Tuesday 04/08/2014

Several big corporations have reaped millions of dollars from "Obamacare" even as they support GOP candidates who vow to repeal the law...

Monday 04/07/2014

Despite recent record sales numbers for fixed and variable annuities, there remains a lot of confusion about what annuities are, what they do and why people need them...

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