What's The Point Of Buying Primary Insurance?

With carriers raising deductibles, copayments and coinsurance, and restricting access by offering lower prices for doctors in certain networks, consumers in individual and group markets are asking: Wh... >> FULL STORY

  • SIFI Label Puts Industry At Risk

    Steve Miller said he believes MetLife is systemically important, but cautioned that he hopes federal regulators treat insurance companies different from banks. “Otherwise you are at risk of destroying...

  • Fiduciary Push Expected after SOTU

    The Department of Labor has already prepared a document to defend the new standard against an inevitable challenge...

  • O'Brien Retires As NAFA Chief

    The National Association for Fixed Annuities (NAFA) announces the retirement of Kim O'Brien, President and CEO, from the organization effective Friday, Jan. 16...

  • Obama to Propose 'Robin Hood' Plan

    President Barack Obama's proposal to close what he calls “the trust fund loophole” in the capital gains tax is significant enough to spur insurance and financial professionals to send out alerts to th...

  • Advisor’s Challenge: A Triple Legacy

    How to extend wealth, values and relationships over generations...

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Have you stopped believing in seminars?

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Have you stopped believing in seminars?


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