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New Affordable Health Insurance Option Now Available for Northeast Ohio Small Businesses

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CLEVELAND, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 15, 2006--ERC Health:

-- More than 20 group health plan options, including HSAs and HRAs, are available

-- Businesses pooled with access to all Northeast Ohio health systems

-- Dental, life, vision and disability coverage also offered

More than 50 percent of Ohio small businesses cannot afford to offer health insurance benefits to employees. More than 50 percent of ERC's members employ less than 50 people. With an already successful health insurance program for businesses with 50 or more employees, ERC has responded to client demand for a small business health insurance offering which will provide cost control, risk reduction and access to quality care.

ERC Health, underwritten by UnitedHealthcare(R), will give businesses with 2 to 50 employees access to local and national networks of physicians and hospitals through more than 20 group health plan options.

"Virtually every employer survey conducted points to access to affordable health care coverage as a key component of employers' ability to attract and retain good people," said Pat Perry, president, ERC. "ERC Health fits nicely with our mission to aid employers in developing and maintaining a productive workforce."

"Within on our new Benchmark Solutions offering, UnitedHealthcare has many options for small business owners looking for solutions to providing affordable health care coverage to employees," said Tom Sullivan, CEO, UnitedHealthcare of Northern Ohio. "UnitedHealthcare insures more small businesses across the country than any other health insurer. We know how to help small businesses."

ERC Health for organizations with 2 to 50 employees offers:

-- A variety of plan options including traditional coverage, HSAs and HRAs

-- Access at all major Northeast Ohio health systems

-- Local and national coverage through UnitedHealthcare(R)

-- Wellness programs and health education

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-- Access to human resources services through ERC

-- Dental, life, vision and disability coverage also available

-- Automated application, quoting and enrollment processes as well as centralized billing

ERC Health for small business is already accepting applications online for this new health insurance option. Information on ERC Health for small and middle market businesses can be found at

About ERC

ERC is Northeast Ohio's largest organization dedicated to HR and workplace programs, practices, training and consulting. ERC, which has been serving Northern Ohio for 85 years, provides workplace information, policies, benefits and services to help businesses become more competitive. The organization also hosts NorthCoast 99 and sponsors the ERC Health insurance program. For more information about ERC, check out

About UnitedHealthcare

UnitedHealthcare ( provides a full spectrum of consumer-oriented health benefit plans and services, helping 25 million individual consumers nationwide achieve improved health and well-being through various health service systems. UnitedHealthcare arranges access to quality, affordable care with more than 500,000 physicians and care professionals and 4,600 hospitals across America. UnitedHealthcare is one of the businesses of UnitedHealth Group (NYSE:UNH), a diversified Fortune50 health and well-being company.


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