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Travelers Announces New IndustryEdge® Product and Services Offering for Architects & Engineers

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HARTFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--December 17, 2008--Delivering innovative insurance solutions for design professionals across the country, Travelers (NYSE: TRV) today announced the availability of the IndustryEdge product for Architects & Engineers. With expanded product capabilities and a focused underwriting appetite, Travelers is exceeding the industry standard with its new offering, providing architects and engineers insurance coverage and the services necessary to handle risk. Commercial Accounts partnered with several Travelers business units with architect and engineering expertise, including Bond & Financial Products, Construction and National Programs, to develop the new IndustryEdge product for design professionals.

“Travelers is focused on building insurance products and providing service solutions that will meet the needs of our middle market customers working in specialized, vertical industries,” said Michael Klein, President, Travelers Commercial Accounts. “The work that went into building the IndustryEdge product for Architects & Engineers, specifically the partnership across business units, embodies Travelers’ desire to provide middle-market industries with the competitive edge necessary to successfully manage insurance risk.”

In addition to offering the core lines of commercial insurance such as general liability, workers’ compensation, commercial auto, property, business interruption and umbrella, the IndustryEdge product for Architects & Engineers features a proprietary extension endorsement that is specific to the design industry. The proprietary extension features 22 additional general liability coverages, including:

Broadened Named Insured
Non-Owned Watercraft coverage – Up to 75 feet
Increased Medical Payments Limit to $10,000
Waiver of Subrogation

“We tapped into the expertise that we have employed over the years in the design industry, along with our established internal infrastructure and their agency forces, to bring the combined underwriting discipline and knowledge to our design customers,” said Alex Buyniski, Industry Director, Travelers Commercial Accounts.

With the comprehensive and new IndustryEdge product and suite of services, Travelers offers architects and engineers specialized underwriting and industry-specific coverages to match their unique exposures, dedicated risk control services aimed at minimizing risk and preventing loss, and dedicated claim staff with the expertise needed to evaluate, defend and settle claims. For more information on the new IndustryEdge product for Architects & Engineers, contact Alex Buyniski, Travelers Industry Director, at 860.277.7064.

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