Energize and Engage
The Web is rapidly evolving. So are the expectations of your audience. Now, you can instantly energize and engage your clients and constituents with a powerful, one-click, web-based training and sales solution that’s totally unique. INN’s multimedia services enable you to seamlessly combine live or on-demand videos with PowerPoint to create a highly interactive presentation experience for users.

Rapid Playback
Most importantly, this state-of-the-art technology requires no downloads. It’s accessible through a single URL link that can be hosted on your own site. With no buffering or lag time, a 30-minute video, for example, will start playing in just
seconds! It is the easiest and fastest way to convey your message in a personalized fashion. All your audience needs is Adobe Flash®, which is already installed on nearly 100% of Internet-enabled computers.

Make it Live
When you send us the files, we do it all. Our team of marketing strategists, graphic designers and editors ensure that the presentation is smooth, visually gripping and meets your expectations every time. The beauty of the system is that it’s super fast. There’s no bandwidth or excess-use charges, the content is secure, and it can be hosted either on our site or yours. Finally, your audience will appreciate the fact that they have easy, 24/7 access to your sales or training presentations.

Low-cost, high-value pricing

  • $2,500 per finished video presentation up to 60 minutes each
  • Three finished video presentations for $5,500

All you need to get started

  • Your video presentation
  • Your PowerPoint
  • Any other images, PDFs or any other files you would like to include in your video

More Information
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Pictured above is a typical user training environment, featuring:

[1] Recorded content
Up to 60 minutes of submitted video content, converted and hosted on our servers using the latest in Flash video technology. Loads and plays in seconds.

[2] PowerPoint slideshow
Seamless synchronization with your video creates an interactive presentation.

[3] Presentation notes and downloads
Customized whiteboard area for inclusion of presentation notes and user-accessible downloads, such as a PDF of your slideshow presentation or a URL to visit after the show.

[4] Easy-to-use controls
Timeline controls allow the user to pause and jump back and forth to different sections of the presentation instantly.