Banner advertising is the most popular form of advertising on the Internet today. Banners provide advertisers with a cost-effective and scalable solution with immediate and measurable results. Without question, banner advertising on InsuranceNewsNet is one of the best ways to reach your target audience and can be adjusted to meet your budget. Through our cutting-edge design, INN maximizes the visibility of banners, so they are seen by the desirable insurance audience you seek.

Features and benefits of our banner program include

  • Large format ads, so your message is seen
  • Creative placement, so banners get noticed by our visitors
  • Multi-format banners, including animated Flash, Java, HTML, JPG, GIF and Rich Media formats
  • Rotate multiple ads at one time
  • Link banner directly to anywhere on your Web site
  • Free banner design
  • Online, real-time campaign tracking
  • One 20-word ‘Featured Text’ ad that runs throughout INN

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