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Sunday 07/27/2014

People who have health insurance on their jobs usually don't think twice about next year's renewal. But if you are in one of the new plans under President Barack Obama's health law, that assumption could lead to costly surprises...

Thursday 07/24/2014

Federal officials have capped the amount of money scofflaws will be forced to pay if they don't buy insurance this year under the new health care law...


A new study estimates that more than 10 million adults gained health insurance by midyear as the coverage expansion under President Barack Obama's law took hold in much of the country...

Tuesday 07/22/2014

Two federal appeals courts have handed down conflicting rulings on the same day regarding the health care law's subsidies...

Introducing Term 25 for the
Monday 07/21/2014

Thirty-nine percent say cash is their preferred way to invest money they don't need for at least 10 years. That's three times the number who picked the stock market, despite the fact that the S&P 500 has gained 17% over the past year while most cash investment yields remain below one percent...


Advisors should approach prospects through storytelling to connect emotionally with prospects because it’s more effective...

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